Meet Our Staff

President: Board of Directors and CEO

Annie Corbett has extensive experience with Business Management and Human Resources. Annie’s expertise lies in the area of Public Administration, facilitating the relationships within the foster care community and public officials at the county and state level, while fostering the future vision, progress and growth of Corbett Group Homes. Annie possesses a Bachelors Degree in Clinical Psychology from San Diego State University and a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Public Administration. Annie is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology with a concentration on Transformative Social Change. Her current research involves CSEC and the foster care system.

The founding of The R.I.S.E. Program, as “sister” of Corbett Group Homes, Inc., is an extension of the passion for youth in foster care, children left behind, and children people prefer to not think about. In December 2013, Annie founded the R.I.S.E. Program, which includes a non-profit Thrift Shop and a Drop-In Center that solely serves CSEC youth.
E-Mail Annie at acorbett@corbettgrouphomes.org / anniecorbett@riseprogram.org.

Chief Program Officer

Smitty has over 30 years of experience working with at-risk youth and children with serious mental health and behavioral issues. Smitty graduated with a B.A. and M.A. in Psychology from SUNY New Paltz, and soon made his way to sunny California. After spending some time as a Social Worker in the San Francisco Juvenile Court System, Smitty made his way to St. Vincent’s in Marin County, a Residential Program for boys. After seven years in Marin, Smitty joined Rebekah’s Children’s Services as the Director of Residential Services and after a few years, become the COO. At Rebekah’s he was responsible for COA Accreditation, reformation of the internal Mental Health Department, and ensuring high methodology and standards for Community Care Licensing and the State of California. Smitty is also a Certified Group Home Administrator.
E-Mail Robert at smitty@corbettgrouphomes.org.

Program Director

Cindy is the Program Director for Corbett Group Homes, Inc. She has worked with at risk youth for over 30 years, starting as a counselor in the Alameda County Juvenile Hall Center.

Cindy has certifications in Early Childhood Development, Motivational Interviewing, Administration, Pro-Act Training and Administrative Certification. She has been a trainer in Group Homes for over 12 years, an Addiction Counselor for 5 years and leader over Group Home staff for over 10 years.

She was a Preschool teacher for 5 years, a Basketball and Softball coach for teen girls through the Pal Organization in Santa Clara County. Cindy takes continued education courses throughout the year to enhance her knowledge of working with staff and adolescents.
E-Mail Cindy at cbrown@corbettgrouphomes.org.

Corbett Group Home #1:
Program Manager

Stevan has been with Corbett Group Homes, Inc. for over four years after being in the retail and IT management industry. It was his passion for working with at-risk youth and making a difference that led him to Corbett. Stevan began as a Residential Counselor and has been promoted through the ranks to a Program Manager. Stevan is responsible for the leadership of House 1 and collaborating continually with the Case Manager for effective programming. In his spare time Stevan enjoys being with his family and friends.

E-Mail Stevan at sgonzales@corbettgrouphomes.org.

Corbett Group Home #1:
Case Manager

Jennifer Boltinghouse has recently been hired as the Case Manager for the teen house. She is a graduate of California State University Monterey Bay and has a BA in Liberal Studies with a minor in Business Entrepreneurship. Jennifer has been a longtime resident of the Bay Area and Northern California. Her past experience includes working as a residential counselor, day treatment assistant and day treatment manager at Rebekah Children’s Services. She assisted the Culinary Director at Rebekah’s to launch Rebekah’s Culinary Experience which introduced at risk youth to the food service industry. With over ten years working with severely emotionally disturbed children, Jennifer began working with physically disabled and mentally ill adults through the Community Integrated Work Program. Jennifer is a mother of three grown children and a grandmother of two. Her interests include art, music, travel and a deep passion for organic gardening. When not at work she is usually found in her garden with her laying hens Patty, Maxine and Laverne.
E-Mail Jennifer at jboltinghouse@corbettgrouphomes.org.

Corbett Group Home #2:
Program Manager

April possesses a B.A. degree in Criminal Justice and has almost completed her M.B.A. April has years of experience working with youth in the residential setting, and is very passionate about care and programming. April joined Corbett Group Homes in August 2012, was quickly promoted to a Residential Counselor II and in September 2013 was offered the position of Program Manager. She enjoys spending time with her beautiful daughter and fiancée in her minimal spare time.

E-Mail April at abanks@corbettgrouphomes.org.

Corbett Group Home #2:
Case Manager

Catrina is newly married and a new arrival to the California Bay Area! Catrina is from San Antonio Texas, and attended the University of Texas, Austin, receiving a B.A. in Social Work. Soon after, she was employed by the Department of Social Services as a Child Protective Service Social Worker for the past 7 years. After she got married, she relocated to the Bay Area, and worked for MISSSEY in Oakland, the leading provider of services for CSEC youth in Alameda County. However, the commute was brutal, and we were fortunate to get her in December 2013. In her spare time Catrina enjoys being a newlywed.

E-Mail Catrina at cwright@corbettgrouphomes.org.

Corbett Group Home #3:
Program Manager

Desiree Victor received her B.A. from San Jose State University in spring of 2013, in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology and a minor in Mexican American Studies. Aside from managing a group home for youth, She also is a facilitator of domestic violence batterer intervention groups, Desiree is passionate about giving back to the community by encouraging and emphasizing the importance of education.  When not working, studying or volunteering for her children’s schools and athletic teams, she can be found on a baseball field cheering on her favorite baseball team, the San Francisco Giants. 

E-Mail Desiree at dvictor@corbettgrouphomes.org.

Corbett Group Home #3:
Case Manager

Elena is an Associate Social Worker (ASW) who joined the Corbett Group Homes, Inc. team as the Case Manager at Sibling House #3. Elena completed her Bachelors of Social Work at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After moving to California, Elena completed her Masters of Social Work at the University of California, Sacramento. Elena’s experience prior to moving to California included working with adults in a court mandated drug and alcohol treatment program and with patients and their families in a level 1 trauma unit at a community hospital. After moving to California, Elena was able to follow her passion for working with young people and assisting them to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Elena has worked with foster youth within a school setting and with emancipated foster youth in a supported housing program. Elena has also volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program for approximately 5 years. In her spare time, Elena enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog, Shadow, playing video games, traveling, and working on family genealogy.
E-Mail Elizabeth at egorrow@corbettgrouphomes.org.


Lida is a Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern who joined Corbett Group Homes in October of 2011 as a clinician. Her role has included providing individual therapy to youth who wish to make changes that can empower them to be successful. In addition, Lida has helped the group homes establish a routine of holding groups in the homes so as to help residents and staff communicate concerns and experience growth together. Lida also provides training and consultation to all employees in working with foster youth in a residential setting.

Lida’s work with Severely Emotionally Disturbed Children at EMQ Families First spans over 10 years as a residential counselor. She has also provided Individual, Family and Couples Therapy for over 3 years at the JFK University Counseling Center to children and adults in both school and clinic settings. Lida has provided outpatient therapy in a private practice with the supervision of a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist since 2012. She has experience with helping clients face the adversity in their lives that manifests as depression, anxiety, or trauma, so as to develop new ways to approach old problems.

Lida utilizes a systems model of therapy guided by Multi-Generational Family Therapy (Bowenian) with a Narrative Therapy approach to help the youth at Corbett Group Homes learn ways to be successful by taking responsibility and ownership about the changes they can make, rather than expect their environment to adjust to them.

Lida enjoys playing basketball and watching sports. She appreciates any activity that involves creativity such as music, art, and writing. She loves the Hip Hop Culture and its message to youth that Hip Hop Music can be “a form of expression, when ya struggle wit oppression.”
E-Mail Lida at lvala@corbettgrouphomes.org.

Administrative Assistant

Nancy worked for over 30 years for the county as an administrative assistant, and retired. However, she realized the life of leisure wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and chose to go back to work, and desiring employment with purpose, found Corbett Group Homes, Inc. After being with Corbett Group Homes, Inc. almost 4 years, the executive team offered Nancy the option of coming into the corporate office. In her spare time Nancy loves spending time with her grandchildren.

E-Mail Nancy at ncontreras@corbettgrouphomes.org.


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